Commercial Cleaning On A National Level

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Fewer businesses today maintain an in-house cleaning staff. It is more effective for many of them to hire a commercial cleaning service for routine cleaning and to handle emergencies when there is a spill or other incident that requires a quick response. Before you hire a service to clean your carpets and office furniture, you need to make certain they know what they need to do to take the cleaning problem off your plate so you can provide your advertised goods and services to support your customers, keep the lights on, and make payroll.

Carpets are one of the first things returning, and potential clients notice when they walk in your front door. They need regular vacuuming and regular cleaning to maintain a clean appearance. Any cleaning service you hire should work with you to determine high traffic areas and hours of operation, among other factors, to develop a cleaning schedule. For carpets, this should include at least weekly vacuuming and deep cleaning at least once a year.

Your service should also be familiar with the knowledge and techniques to handle upholstered furniture. Stained chairs in the conference and waiting rooms make a poor impression on clients. Technicians must be familiar with dry and wet techniques to remove stains using brushes, sponges, and other tools to apply chemical cleaners, loosen the stain from the fabric, and then wipe it off the item.

Keeping your business neat and clean also helps when it comes to preventive maintenance. A professional commercial cleaning plan should also include regular cleaning of walls, ceilings, and the ceiling and floor trim. It not only provides a good appearance, but it also extends the life of your paint which frees up money from your maintenance budget for use in other areas of your business.

Customers and clients often decide to use your business within seconds of walking in your front door. Regardless if you run a law office on the East Coast, a co-op in the Midwest, or a restaurant out West, you need a professional commercial cleaning service to support your operation. Be certain to do your research and find the agency that is right for you.


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