How Do You Know Your HVAC System Needs Cleaning?

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Your HVAC system, when installed correctly and operating properly, rarely needs a thorough cleaning. Homeowners do need to change filters as advised by the manufacturer or a reputable duct maintenance company. Filters that are the correct size and fitted precisely into every single holder catch dust and other particulates, keeping the ducts themselves relatively clean.  

After some events and because of special situations it is wise to have air ducts inspected and potentially cleared of issues found. Review the following suggestions to see if your home’s HVAC ducts require cleaning.


Health Issues

Sometimes you or a member of your family struggles with ailments that have not responded to conventional therapies. A health professional may recommend that your HVAC system be inspected and cleaned as a possible solution to respiratory ailments.


Confirmed Mold Growth

A persistent musty odor that cannot be traced to microbial outbreaks elsewhere in your dwelling may emanate from your ducts. Have your system evaluated by a reputable duct cleaning company and authorize cleaning if mold is found. Be aware that any insulation around the ducts that also contains mold must be removed and replaced.

It is imperative that the moisture problem causing the mold growth be eliminated at the same time. Systems with in-duct humidification capability must be operated per manufacturer’s instructions as humidity levels of over 70 percent activate the mold spores already in any home and its ductwork. Check to see if this feature inadvertently gives mold a head start and remedy that problem.


Evidence Of Vermin

Insects and rodents on occasion make their way into the HVAC system. In this case, engage a proven professional duct cleaning contractor experienced in removing the pests, their nests, and their waste.


Dust And Dirt Blown Out Of System

When the system is running airborne debris should not leave through vents into your home. Registers that belch puffs of dust and dirt signal a need to have the air ducts checked. In addition, if piles of dust and dirt are visible when you change filters or look through vents an inspection and possible cleaning makes sense.


Debris Or Residue Causing Events

Recent home remodeling, destruction of ceilings or walls by storms or accidents, and fire damage all increase the load of pollutants floating in your household’s air. Vents that remained open during these occurrences may pull the debris within the HVAC system, overwhelming its ability to clear the air. Filters in the system needing frequent changing also signal a possible overload. Systems showing these symptoms merit being inspected and cleaned.


Inexperienced workers who attempt duct cleaning without appropriate credentials are likely to make the situation worse instead of better. Find a reliable firm that specializes in HVAC maintenance when inspections and cleanings seem indicated. Be certain the company’s technicians are trained to Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) specific standards in duct inspections and cleaning.


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